Best English language narration ever

Tired of waiting 6 months for your crazily weird made in China trinkets? This video will cure you. Ahh, Deal Extreme….. Please never change.


Serbian nationalism


Thorium can be useful

Liquid Flouride Thorium Reactor …. the movie!

A live specimen from an Internet chat room

“Hi sir….. Hi? … ?….??..?”

Window slowly closes

“Policia! Policia!!!”

I personally would have done this with a Geiger counter.

Every home should have one

The song at the end is just too awesome.

“He’s watching you..!”


The British Association of Dermatologists

STS-135 and ISS filmed in daylight – 7/17/11

The final mission of the space shuttle, captured 1.25 hours after sunrise. Tracked with an 8″ LX200 Classic Schmidt-Cassegrain @ f/10 using Brent Boshart’s Satellite Tracker software. Recorded with a modified Samsung SDC-435. 1/500 sec exposure, AGC off. This is the raw video with no edits other than trimming.