Anyone up for buying…

.. a jigsaw of Hitler?



Car wash panic attack

Ron Paul speech at New Orleans Republican Leadership Conference

The Timothean Religion

“The nuclear war will be America’s last-ditch effort to hold onto power. But China and Russia did not reject my inventions for anti-missile defense. Or the gas gun that can shoot over 300,000 bullets a second. The American military stole my ideas without giving me credit but the Russians and Chinese are not as evil.”

China should let me come there and teach the Timothean Religion, the only true Religion. You can not know God without seeing God and I am the only man who has seen God. I can also teach then How the US workers compensation system, tortures US citizens to get out of paying them for their work related injuries. The US has rejected the fact that there is a God or that The God has power to become visible. God has also given many inventions that the US has stole from me and I could make China the most powerful country on earth with my gas gun, bullet numbering system and my 100% efficient wind mills. GM stole the Hybrid gas electric car from me out of one of my copyrighted books. There is nothing but thieves and con artist over here. God only appears to the Messiah and I am the Messiah.

Gospel of Timothy

Accent training prank call

Feeding time for 100 very excited dogs

As you can see, New Labour’s leadership get put to good use in the end.

Zip gun made from staple gun

Obviously these evil devices need to totally banned or licenced, registered and locked in a steel safe when not in use. Also, anyone caught with an unauthorised stapler should be given a 10 year jail sentence.