CO2 pistol VS attacker’s face

For those living under oppressive governments that deny a means to defend one’s self against attack, this may be a viable option to fend off the perpertrator until safe escape is possible.

Hello Guys!

I haven´t posted in quite a while… I have mostly been reading what you all have to say..I have always enjoyed that because it is both informative and VERY fun!!

I am back at posting because I wanted to tell you about what happended to me on Monday´s night. It was a very scary moment and I am lucky it went that way

Now to the story: after hanging over at my cousin´s place (his parent´s place) showing him my newest toy, a CO2 gun from Gamo -R77 co2 revolver- I headed back home and it was a very nice night, so I decided to walk instead of driving…I asked for my uncle´s permission and left my car in their garage (I live 12-13 blocks apart, so it wasn´t that far away)…It is important to say that due to my family being mostly anti gun (exept for my GREAT parents) I decided not to carry any firearms into their house..I had my collapsible baton (21 inch, but not an asp because they don´t sell those down here!!)and I felt pretty safe with it.

I had not walked over 5 blocks and two not very friendly looking guys yelled at me from accross the street asking for the time..I answered “I don´t have a watch, sorry guys” but one of them started an approach -Damn!!!!I never leave home without at least a gun!!What the hell was I thinking!!!!-

Let me tell you I almost peed (spelling please?) my pants when one of them quickly changed his attitude and started approaching me in a fast way saying “¿Qué chucha es eso de que no tienes reloj conchatumadre?” (lets say he asked why the F*** I didn´t have a watch). After hell was over, I discovered I had actually peed my pants.

Training and attitude kick in whitout you thinking about it…things happen really fast!!! The approaching guy put his right hand into his shorts pocket, I snapped my baton and hit him in his right side ribs and the left shoulder muscle (I carry my baton weak side 9 o clock). The second guy had not crossed the street and started throwing small rocks at me while cursing loudly.I started moving and searching for cover (where is a good piece of cover when you need it????)and put myself behind a car.Took out the little co2 gun and shot him all the 8 times…he fell to the floor crying loudly.

Dialed 105(your equivalent for 911) , called my uncle- he is the president of the Jurado Nacional de Elecciones, he sent cops really fast- while I was covering both guys with the asp. I had to hit the first one again in order for him to comply.

Cops arrived (they were 5 blocks away, god bless)and the 2 guys were beaten again…I was safe, but smelled really bad and had a lot of trouble talking to my uncle..I was just incapable of saying a single coherent sentece.

First guy was carrying brass knuckles ( I think they weren´t made of brass, maybe some other material beacause they looked like an inox finish) and got 2 broken ribs, a “fisura” (I don´t know the english word for is when you don´t break a bone, but just “crack” it) in the lower left leg and one hell of a bruise in his shoulder.

Second guy suffered from a broken tooth (caused by the pellet that was found stuck in the roof of this mouth, lucky shot I guess, and 4 other airgun wounds in the face and neck area. (plus, a heck of a beating by the cops).

I swear here in front of you guys, that I will NEVER again leave my house without a gun, no matter who can it disturb or who will dislike me for that, my life is way too valuable for me to put at risk.


One response to “CO2 pistol VS attacker’s face

  1. This is badass I walk around with a wingun 321 co2(legally) and pepper spray an a taser all legally everyday everywhere! Very good protection

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