Confusing scammers

From TheScamBaiter


“I posted this on Craigs list yesterday:

Very nice looking item, practically brand new with Warranty

I bought this item about a week and a 1/2 ago, and I do not need it any longer. I only used it once for a project I was in, and now it’s useless to me.

My loss is your gain. I paid almost $4000 for this item, but for today only I am selling it for $2000. The price is firm because this item is basically new, with all manuals, and the box.

You can not fund a better deal on an item on all of Craigs List.

Will ship if needed.

I then get this:

Originally Posted by Item Buyer
I will like to buy the item for my son who is currently in Africa and
am going to pay you through Bank of America transfer direct to your
account and i will like to know the shipping charges and the total
cost so i can proceed on payment. Hope to hear from u soon

I replied:

Originally Posted by Item Seller
I will not accept a bank transfer for this item, is there another way?


Originally Posted by Item Buyer
Thank you for your kind email regarding the Bank of America transfer. I really need this item for my son and want to do transfer. this is safe. Will you accept check? Also note the current conditions of the item and your final asking price to it. Hope to hear from you soon”

I responded back:

Originally Posted by Item Seller
I am sorry, I just dont feel comfortable about giving someone my bacnk details, so a Bank Transfer is out of the question. There are too many scams today, and I just need to be cautious.

As far as the item’s condition, it’s in perfect shape as explained in the item’s description. Your son will love it, i’m sure he has seen this type before.

Yes, I can take a check, but I guess I will have to know exactly where your son lives do I can calculate the shipping costs.

take care,

At this point, I have taken down the craigs list ad so he can not go back and see what he was buying :). Even if he did go back, he would still not know what the hell he was buying.

I hate is when ladgerians use GMAIL!!


He emailed back:

Originally Posted by Item Buyer
can i pls have some pics of the item so i can show my son in africa.

Let me design some pics, and I’ll post it shortly.


I was thinking of something a little more confusing.

I just created the ITEM:

Originally Posted by Item Seller
Thanks for writing back. Please excuse the quality of my camera, it has so many options I am not sure what most of the buttons do. I hope it is clear enough so your son can see that the item looks like it has never been used.

Let me tell you this, it is PERFECT, not one issue at all. I just need your shipping address so I can calculate the costs to your son in Africa.

Take care, and god bless

I attached this:



lol, he does not find anything wrong with the Item’s photo.

Originally Posted by Item Buyer
Hello,I really appreciate your response to my mail.I want you to
consider the item sold, pls do withdraw the advert from craigslist to
avoid disturbance and to be rest assured on my side that i have bought
it.I want you to know that i will be paying via cashier’s check.I will fwd the pic to my son to see if it is the right item. pls pull the advert from the craigs list now.

I have heard back from the buyer:

Originally Posted by Item Buyer
My son want to know what the brand is it. I
will need you to provide me the following information to facilitate
the mailing of the check…

1.Full name to write on the check
2.Full Physical address to post the check
3.Home & Cell Phone to contact you

**I will like you to know that you will not be responsible for
shipping i will have my mover come over as soon as you have cashed the


Yeah, typical check scam where they overpay me and I send the excess funds to the shipper(him). They really do not want the “item” because there is no “shipper”.

Here is where I hit on ram dinurass’s idea. I am going to get the check made out to a very special person:

Originally Posted by Item Seller
The brand name is in the high quality digital photograph that I sent you.

You can make the check out to my father since my Citzens bank account is currently negative due to some stupid IRS crap. Who is the shipper? UPS? DHL? FedEx?

Here is his name, and our address:

Charles Soludo

My cell phone number is: xxxxxxx

You can call me any time you like to discuss the item. If your son has any other questions about the item, please let me know.

BTW, has he ever had one of these before? Why does he want it?

Take care,
Jake Soludo

It looks like I’ll be getting a check made out to Charles Soludo. Once my father get’s the check & burns it, I’ll have a check sent to my girlfriend. Can anyone guess her name?

Originally Posted by Item Buyer
I am going to make the arrangement of $2500 to your father and you will deduct your fee for the item and shipping charges and you will send the rest money to my shipper through western union. My son said the pic u send was not clear because was looking like a rod and shear with interfier so either send me the description in a format which can be understood or take another pic. I want you to get back to me so i can know what next to do pls. Thanks

Originally Posted by Item Seller
That is fine with me, the only thing I ask of you is to give me a tracking number for when you send the check to my father.

You will have to explain how to send your shipper the money too because I have never done that before.

I really hope you can send it soon, as I wanted this sold quickly.

I took a peek at the photo I sent you and it is pretty clear to me, the item looks perfect in that pic, as well as it looks in front of me. Regardless, I took a photo of the other side of the item which should help your son with the item description.

Jake Soludo

p.s. The item’s pic is attached, I used a lower resolution so you could see the whole photo on your screen.
I attached a photo of the “item”, but the other side of it, which is in a lower resolution.


It looks like Charles Soludo is getting a check for sure, unless the feds decide to swipe if from me. Also The Item Buyer is immensely tapered with happiness over the last “item pic”:

Originally Posted by Item Buyer
I talked to my son for FATHER DAY and he said the pics is good so thanks
for your information regarding the item.
The fed ex ha closed for the day and am going to send it on monday
morning and here is my son information.
Name: Emiola Tobi
Address: N4/464b Agbadagbudu old adeoyo road
City: Ibadan
State: oyo
Zip Code:23402
hope to hear from you soon.

This scammer is an incredible douchebag. I’ll work on the Miriam Abacha check later :)”



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