News round up – 01 Oct 09

Flood inside Vodafone datacenter, Istanbul, Turkey

Council spies on what you throw away

Worried residents thought their rubbish was being stolen when council ‘spies’ dressed in hoodies started rifling through their bins.

Concerned neighbours saw mysterious men emptying their bins into black sacks and loading them into an unmarked white van.

When homeowners questioned the official binmen an hour later they learned their council was conducting a survey of what was being thrown away.

Another ‘henious crime’ resulting in a jailed human being.

Music Teacher Jailed for Lesbian Affair with Pupil

Music Teacher Admits Lesbian Relationship with Pupil

However, despite this and the age gap of over 10 years and their daughter’s youth, the parents of the girl, both highly educated professionals, are understood to be happy for the relationship to resume once she turns 16 in a few months.

How about instead of spending the money it’s going to cost to lock this evil women up, we pull an eithiopian village out of poverty? Or even better, stop jailing people for ‘crimes’ that affect no person or property?

Doctors want Alcohol Marketing Ban

Again, the reason? It costs our SOCIALIZED health care system money. The perfect tool to control how you live.

14 Year old Girl Acused of supplying Machine Guns

Oh yes, England is ‘gun free’ thanks to our draconian gun laws…. Well, free from enjoyable shooting sports and effective self-defence that is. A criminal’s gun licence is £100 down the local pub, or the nearest deprived area dwelling 14 year old school girl.


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