Decade old abandoned computer store

Many years after the Great Zombie Outbreak, survivors venture back into the once busy streets…

Hey guys, I have found something interesting I’d like to share with you.

Before I proceed, I’d like to inform you that I’m living in the city of Zagreb, Croatia, which is a true East European shithole despite the fact that the rest of the country is heavily geared towards tourism. What happens is that most tourists head straight for the coast, avoiding Zagreb altogether or only staying overnight in order to catch their bus/train/blimp to the coast in the morning.

Those tourists that do in fact stay in the city for a while, get to gaze in awe at the sheer squalor Zagreb has to offer. Truth to be told, the city centre has been somewhat restored in a desperate attempt to present itself in a better light, but it’s usually enough to walk 10 minutes from the centre to witness some of the following sights:

-Derelict 1960s commieblocks constructed from asbestos, corrugated aluminum sheets, wire-reinforced glass and lots upon lots of prefabricated concrete slabs,
-Abandoned housings from 1920s in various states of collapse,
-Factories which have been abandoned and/or burned down decades ago,
-Auto junk yards,
-Abandoned stores,
-Abandoned restaurants,
-Abandoned cars,
-Graffiti on EVERY loving WALL
-Graffiti on top of other graffiti
-Have I mentioned commieblocks?

Alright. So the whole “abandoned real estate” thing is nothing new in this country – and the reason for this insanity is our incredibly slow juidical system. I wish I was kidding on this one, but yes, our courts take anywhere from five to thirty years to resolve a single lawsuit.

What happens is that if a company goes out of business (or, god forbid, goes to court over $314.77 of unpaid utility bills), the whole property is sealed up by the authorities until the small claim lawsuit gets solved. This, as you can guess, takes forever, so the city is practically littered with bankrupt stores which have a perma-kibosh put on them. Collapsed and derelict housings are not being torn down because it’s often unclear as to who the real owner is.
Croats absolutely LOVE going to court, it’s considered a national sport over here.

I’m not going to drone about the failure of our juidical system here, instead, I’m going to show you something you probably don’t get to see every day: an abandoned computer store.

Despite the fact that I live in the same block, I don’t know when this store was opened – I moved in here in 1987 – and for all I remember the store was here forever.

Here it is, in its morbid and abandoned state. The windows are littered with faded posters and writings.

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abandoned store


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