Tell Your Children

I just had to post this article. The mere thought of concerned mothers grilling their young ones over the dangers of ‘anal beer bongs’ is enough to induce a manic episode of lolz.

Drug trends: Find out where your kids could be hiding them

PHOENIX — Experts have an alert for parents as the school year begins: there are brand new ways kids are taking and hiding drugs.

“Drug use typically triples between 6th grade and 8th grade,” according to Stephanie Siete of Community Bridges, a Valley substance abuse, treatment and detox center.

From her own collection she reveals the hiding spots for drugs, including water bottles and energy drinks that twist open to reveal a hidden compartment for storage.

But she said the latest trends include “snorting vodka shots.”

More graphic yet, she said teens are doing anal beer bongs and soaking tampons in vodka.

“It’s quicker absorption, it’s hidden and it’s new,” said Siete, “For females, they’re damaging their reproductive system.”

But that’s not all.

If you think your kid is studying, she said look closer at his or her highlighter.

It too, can pull open and become a pipe.

Lipstick cases can work the same way.

Then, there are pocket shots, filled with alcohol, not to mention the energy drinks.

“In case you don’t have time to drink the big can, you can take a shot of your high doses of caffeine,” Siete said.

She said if your 12-year-old is drinking that much caffeine, it begs the question what will they be doing at 15?

That’s why she said it’s so important for parents to intervene.

“It’s hard to recognize,” Siete said. “A lot of drug use looks like the everyday common cold, allergies, watery eyes, tired, who isn’t tired?”

Siete said many kids are learning how to use drugs on sites like YouTube.

If you’re a parent or a child wanting to learn more about how to spot drug use, Community Bridges offers free classes.

Jenkem anyone?

Congratualtions, kid on TOTSE mixing water with nutella.


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