News round up – 08 September 09

Child-safety software? How about market-research goldmine..

You know that “child-safety” software that monitors your kids’ every click and sends it to some spyware creep whose main profit-center is running national firewalls for totalitarian states who use the same service to figure out whom to hood, kidnap and torture?

Turns out that these same sleazeballs also monitor your kids’ IM sessions and sell the info to market-research companies that want to fine-tune how they sell sugar and explosions to kids.

Elderly couple face 5 years in jail over self defense tear gas guns

After suffering two brutal attacks in their home in Bulgaria, an elderly British couple took it upon themselves to take responsibility for their own means of protection. Whilst still living in Bulgaria, the couple purchased several legal self defense tear gas guns, of which fire cartridges designed to disperse an irritant gas towards an attacker. Since a police officer can’t be carried in a pocket or stored in one’s home, this seems like a viable means of thwarting another attack in future, correct?

Whether they accidently left them in their luggage, or simply saw no further use for them is unknown. All that’s known is that upon returning to the UK, the couple decided to hand the devices over to the police. Now, thanks to this knee-jerk totalitarian government, they both face a minimum 5 year jail sentence for possession of illegal ‘firearms’.

Private Security hired in place of failing police

There is always a price to pay for rising crime rates and an over-stretched police force. But rarely is it so clear what that cost is. Residents of an affluent suburb in Southampton have decided to pay £3.15 a week to fund a private security force to patrol the streets.

Give Me A Receipt For That -Brown

Old Holborn
Van Clarke reckons it’s time to give his clients a true insight into their salon bills – and their extortionate further tax contributions. Of an average bill of £100, more than £13 makes up VAT, over £26 goes towards staff national insurance and income taxes, and almost £9 to over a dozen other business taxes including; rates, insurance tax, climate levy tax and even landfill tax, adding up to £48 of tax – almost half the bill. Now add the income tax paid on that £100 by the customer and her taxes…..

Now sing along.

Scouts advised against bringing pen knives to camp – a victory for Safety Nazism

Along with a box of matches and a piece of string, they’ve always been an essential part of a Scout’s kit.

But now penknives are going to be restricted on scouting trips as a seemingly innocent tradition succumbs to concerns over the nation’s blade culture

UK government makes standard light bulbs illegal

BBC News
It is light, bright and has been around for 120 years. But from Tuesday the 100 watt bulb bows out from Britain.Under new EU rules the manufacture and import of 100 watt bulbs and all frosted bulbs will be banned in favour of the energy-saving variety.

Time running short for Marc Emery

Canada’s Prince of Pot, Marc Emery, has less than a month of freedom remaining before he heads to the US border to be handcuffed and escorted to federal court in Seattle, where he will accept a plea bargain and probable five-year prison sentence for selling marijuana seeds over the Internet.

But while he is resigned to years of imprisonment for his actions and beliefs, he is by no means giving up the fight and vows to reemerge stronger and more motivated than ever.

Leave him alone you despicable assholes.


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