Crime victims – UK & US comparison

Posted this on LPUK yesterday.

Let’s take a look at the USA, where in most states a person is allowed to own a gun for self defense.


Woman With Shotgun Kills Rapist in Self-Defense

Pizza Shop Owner Shoots Armed Robber

Armed Homeowner Shoots Robbers During Daytime Invasion

Texas home owner defends family from home invaders

93 year old women shoots home invader

And now let’s look at the UK, where for the majority of people, guns are extremely illegal to own.


Wake up and realize – Criminals do not care that guns are illegal. All bans on gun ownership do is ensure that bad people have the upper hand. As a society, we should ensure victims have a chance to defend themselves from rape, robbery and murder using the best tool available – a firearm.

For a plethora of reasons to legalize gun ownership for self defense, look here:

The Armed Citizen – Regually updated reportings on armed self defense


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