Ballistic Knife Video


4 responses to “Ballistic Knife Video

  1. if you can get or send me a ballistic knife i will pay whatever the cost,dont have a big mouth,but like things i cant get,or the man wont let me have,whatever way ya want?i know nuthin i see nuthing and most i say nuthin,if ya can help me out cool?and tks

  2. A Modest Publication Staff Team

    In most countries these are not specifically illegal. Only in the United States , ‘land of the free’ – will having one get you into trouble.

    It’s cheaper, easier and better to build your own. All it consists of is a sealed tube, a powerfull spring, a simple latch, and a blade attatched to a smaller tube.

  3. well publication team it is easer said than done

  4. i must have one either i make one or obtain one im not going to be satisfied until i do help me please

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