Irish government bans handguns

Dermot Ahern, a gangrenous pimple on the ass of freedom.

Irish handgun ban becomes law

“The bill which passed the Dail last week completely restricts handgun ownership apart from those handguns used for participating in top class target shooting competitions such as the Olympics. It is also intended that all those existing license holders will have to reapply to keep their handguns. From now on the ultimate discretion over licensing will lie with the Garda Commissioner and anyone who maintains their license will be required to become a member of a registered target shooting club. The legislation strictly prohibits practical shooting or combat simulation shooting. On the Dail floor last week the Minister for Justice, Dermot Ahern, warned that this particular form of shooting was being favoured by members of criminal gangs to develop their shooting skills.

Yes, because criminal gangs go to the trouble to pay for licencing, registration and secure storage for their weapons…

Shitting. Hell.

“Today we have 1800 legal handguns – in three years time that number could exceed 4,000 and rising.”

“This is completely unacceptable. While I know the vast majority of licensed gun owners behave responsibly, my paramount concern must be the protection of the public, particularly against the background of the level of gun crime which is taking place.”

So basically: “A few sportsman are able to legally practice a fun sport. This is completely unacceptable. One might one day decide to commit murder, so to make sure that doesn’t happen I’m going to make all of these otherwise law abiding people criminals unless they meet strict standards drafted by a bunch of clueless government worker drones.”

Now, somebody kindly point this group of 1800 gentlemen to an area harvesting a suitably tall lamp post…


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