Anti Terrorism in action!

Thankfully, the UK have a hard working group of representatives that know exactly what freedoms need to be taken away in order to keep everyone safe from terrorists who hate people’s freedoms.

Take a picture of somone being searched? You’re a terrorist!

Take a picture of anything? You’re a terrorist!

Take a picture of a police car? You most definitely are a terrorist!

Waylett and Innis were stopped under the Terrorism Act in Lodge Road, St John’s Wood, west London, after the actor took a photograph of a police patrol.

Police found a lock-knife and eight small bags of herbal cannabis in Innis’ car. Three further bags of cannabis were found at his home in Mays Lane, Barnet.

Innis, who admitted possessing a knife and 11 bags of cannabis, was sentenced to six weeks’ custody in a young offenders’ institution and fined £500.

Speaking for Innis and Waylett, solicitor Cheryl Rudden said: “If I may emphasise that they are both extremely sorry and remorseful for what they have done and certainly would seek to be setting an example.”

I’m guessing the general consensus amoung the brainwashed zombie sheeple hords is that if you’re also in possession of ‘Satan’s Weed’ and a pocket knife, It somehow justifies using the anti terrorism powers, not to mention locking you up in a cage inhabited with muggers and theives. Interestingly enough a quick look at the NPIA guidance on S43 can be found to state:

If officers reasonably suspect that photographs are being taken as part of hostile terrorist reconnaissance, a search under section 43 of the Terrorism Act 2000 or an arrest should be considered.

*Extended evil laugh* … You filthy civilian scum actually believe this is how things work?


One response to “Anti Terrorism in action!

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