Velvet glove – Iron fist

A recent study shows that so called ‘liberal’ states are – (yes, unsuprisingly).. less free than ‘conservative’ states, with the former having more restrictions in place on individual freedom.

The freest states in the country are New Hampshire, Colorado, and South Dakota, which together achieve a virtual tie for first place. All three states feature low taxes and government spending — and middling levels of regulation and paternalism.

New York is the least overall free by a considerable margin, followed by New Jersey, Rhode Island, California, and Maryland.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska does extremely well on personal freedom, conclude study authors. Reasons for its high personal freedom alone score include: fully legalized possession of small amounts of marijuana (accomplished through a court ruling), the best (least restrictive) gun laws in the country, recognition of same-sex domestic partnerships, and possibly the best homeschooling laws in the country.

Meanwhile, California, New Jersey and New York have all become cesspits of militarized police, more state control over children, higher taxes, restrictive defense and gun laws, mass surveillance, invasions of privacy, and of course – plentiful heaps of foul, stinking bureaucracy.

For a long time now in US politics, the term ‘liberal’ has become just another word for ‘state dictating what you can and cannot do’, having been incrementally backed off to a distanced so far from any inkling of individual liberty, any of the virtues once at the epicentre of it’s original meaning appear entirely alien in contrast.

You people have stood in my way far too long. I’m moving to Alaska, damn it.


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