UK Government to license sale of ‘Non-domestic’ knives

As a very wise man once said, You couldn’t possibly make this shit up, even if you sat in a room smoking ganja while watching teletubbies.

The Bear At The Table

What exactly makes a ‘non-domestic’ knife more dangerous than a ‘domestic knife’? Surely, there must be some mystical voodoo conjured from the former to warrent the government into stealing our money in order to come up with more useless liberty-stripping bureaucracy.

TheScotsman – Hunting Shops given knife deadline

HUNTING shops and other outlets selling non-domestic knives have been given 12 months to get a licence under a government crackdown on knife crime.
Window displays of knives will be banned, and retailers will have to keep a record of knives sold and of how they checked the age of the purchaser.

Really, this type of encroaching statism isn’t even remotely suprising anymore. Hell, just get it over with and licence the use of knives. Ban them all together and have legislation drafted up requiring all food be pre cut into bite sized chunks… The quicker you implement your totalitarian dream, the quicker people will realize how essential their cherished liberties were, and take quick steps to reclaim them.

Looking at the mentality displayed in the comments section, I hope you’ll agree that it’s a sad day for humanity when this type of cringtastic tripe is spewed from the mouth of a sovereign man…

They should ban the sale of pointed knives to the general public. The only people who need specialist knives with a pointed end are butchers. Round nosed knives do everything that you legitimately need a knife to do.


On another note, I recall that not too long ago I was asked to produce proof of age when purchasing a file… Yes, the most henious of all objects, those pesky files, a scorn on our once tranquil society, sent by Satan himself to corrupt the mind’s of our precious young offspring…

Still, at the very least, we can be sure teaspoons have escaped the clutches of these Safety Nazi piles of…. Wait, no, teaspoons are evil as well apparently. Hell, why does the government even bother when private businesses are flying the flag of Safety Nazism on their own accord…


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