Russian Homebuilt Submachine Guns

Here are some scans from an interesting looking magazine article showcasing many different homebuilt submachine guns. The article is in Russian, so if you are able to translate any interesting excerpts, don’t hesitate to inform, thus boosting the collective knowledge of the online realm!

Russian Homebuilt guns 1

Russian homebuilt guns 2 - amodestpublication


Russian homebuilt guns 4 - amodestpublication


Russianhomemadeguns amodestpublication

Russianmachinegun amodestpublication

Russiansubmachinegun8 amodestpublication

homemadeguns 9

Russian homemade guns 10


2 responses to “Russian Homebuilt Submachine Guns

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  2. These might be Chechen not Russian. From my understanding it seems like Russian criminals have access to factory produced firearms where as Chechens seem to have to build thier own and they’re pretty damn good at just google Chechen improvised guns and there’s a wealth of photographs of mostly blowback smg’s

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