Kim Jong Il’s masterpiece “Pulgasari”

In the early 1980s, North Korean leader Kim Jon Il ordered the kidnapping of South Korean movie director Shin Sang-ok, with the intention of having him help direct his socialist Godzilla-ripp off masterpiece. “Pulgasari” features a garden tool eating monster who eventually leads an army of farmers to victory… then in turn eats their garden tools. The movie was hailed as a great success by the party elite, who allowed for increased working flexibility for Shin and his wife.

After directing several other movies in North Korea, Shin eventually gained the trust of his captor and managed to board a plane to Vienna, where while still under guard managed to escape to the nearby American embassy with the help of a Japanese film critic. Despite being shunned by Kim Jon Il, “Pulgasari” lives on as a cult classic among Godzilla and monster movie fans alike.

Full length movie can be watched here


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