Percussion lock built using only hand tools

Over at Homegunsmith, Bismarck shows us all how it’s done.


“Hi guys. I’m in the process of making a percussion lock, using files, hand saw, dremel, and some scrap metal that I had laying around. It’s the Jaco back action design.

It’s not the most professional looking job but given the tools I have available it’s a challenging project by itself.

Here’s my tools


First I started with the tumbler. I had no 1/4″ plate at the time to make it so I sawed it off a stock.


I glued the pattern on and started shaping…



…and it came out looking like that.


Next I had to make the lock plate. 1/8″ plate emerged from my scrap box..


Same ol’ hack and file procedure




Now I don’t wanna bore you to death by showing you my red vise and file every time… so in short, and

following the same lengthy filing techniques, I produced the Spring guide,


…and the sear (sorry, crappy pic)


No I didn’t file the main spring out of bar stock. It was graciously donated by a beretta 92 replica.


Ok so I had this piece of brass laying around and I thought I’d make the trigger as well just in case I

decide to put the lock on a gun. Brass is so soft and easy to manipulate.. makes everything look like

jewelry once you polish it too.



On another note… we have a hammer!


Needs some more work… It helped that I found a 1/4″ plate so I didn’t have to saw that thing off a

steel brick again.

Ok… so here I’m trying to make the hammer-tumbler axle. It had to be 5/16. The only thing I could find

laying around was this 3/8 screw/bolt thingy. So I chopped off it’s head…

And since I have no lathe, I chucked it on my hand drill and turned it down with a file to the desired



Fits like a glove 🙂


Ok.. so here I go trying to finish the hammer. Another bolt lost its head and threads and got chucked on

my wannabe – lathe drill.


I love making curves like that…


And he have something that could pass for a projectile


I hated cutting a slot on that pretty thing but Jaco comands so…


…aaand fit


Not too bad me thinks


Drilled a hole to pin the axle on the tumbler


Made a sear axle and coiled a spring wire for return action on it… didn’t come out very pretty though


…and using my vise as a press I press fitted the release pin on the sear


And we have a lock! yay! I’m so happy right now.
First time I make something kinda complicated like that, filed out of pieces of steel.

Here it is:




Ok… here we go

the not as pretty side




I’m not real proud of the sear return spring but it was the best I could do at the time.

Now where oh where should I put that little lock :p”


That’s the lock done, stay tuned for the stock and and barrel!.


14 responses to “Percussion lock built using only hand tools

  1. How much you want for it?

  2. kiriki-kun


    I want make percussion lock too, but i don’t have a plans. I can’t find it. Could you send me plans of this rifle?
    Sorry for my English, but i’m from Poland 🙂

  3. Chci se perkusní zámek taky, ale nemám plány. I can’t find it. Nemůžu najít. Could you send me plans of this rifle? Mohl byste mi poslat plány této zbraně?
    Sorry for my English, but i’m from Poland Omlouvám se za svou angličtinu, ale jsem z České republiky

  4. I know this is way old but what is the chance of getting plans / drawings of the lock and trigger assembly parts.

  5. Very nice work there I would like to get a set of dimensonal drawings of this work my self

  6. Plans can be found in the black powder section at

  7. good job.

  8. Bringing this back from the dead again, did you ever get around to doing the stock and barrel? I wanted to give building one a try instead of an over priced kit with parts I would custom make anyway

  9. could i get a copy of the plans?

  10. Your lock is awesome. Any chance of getting the dimesions?

  11. No comments, is a real good job. I saw the hammer housing,its really good, so will you please send me trigger housing. I am a Tibetan guys leaving in pokhara Nepal, I am interest in making a cap lock gun. So will you help me for this condition.

  12. Elijah James Perez, Rigor

    How did you make the barrel and nipple part? Coz I have trouble making that part

  13. Brian Watkins

    I went to that website and was redirected to another web page that didn’t have the plans. 😕

  14. S van der Vliet

    i have a question, you use paper with the dimensions, how can i get that?

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