Mr Shit – Epic scam bait unraveling

Over at The Scambaiter, an epic bait is continuing to produce golden moments of comedy.

I got the standard Scam Compensation Fund email. This is where scammers send out emails to 100’s or 1000’s of people informing them that they can get $$$ from being previously scammed. I guess they figure if the victim is gullible once, they can be gullible twice. I’m a gullible mofo!

How it evolved from this call:

Phone call no.6

To this:

Phone call no.45 (Mr. Shit starts crying towards the end!)

…to this:

Phone call no.106 (Half way through just goes into a whole new realm.)

Is truely beyond amazing. This guy is just something else.

“I’ve been here since 12/04 and have seen lads blowing each other, putting buckets on their heads, tying strings with rocks to their balls, establishing churches named after major league teams, pouring milk on themselves, setting their leg on fire, posing nude, performing Monty Python skits, painting portraits of Butch Driveshaft and a host of other stunts that go beyond reason. This robot thing is pure genius on the part of TF. The 200k certainly adds to the lads motivation while increasing his LD minutes.”


Wilson, who was almost killed by Butch might be able to live if he is turned into a robot by The Iowa Contact! But – there is a slight chance that Wilson could become a deadly Syndicate! The plot thickens…

Call 114


2 responses to “Mr Shit – Epic scam bait unraveling

  1. thanks for the blog, but please take this down until the bait is complete? I do not want Mr Shit finding this bait via google like I did, which would spoil the whole thing. PM me if you need, but I appreciate your help on this.


  2. Yeah, you need to get this down before the google bots cache it.

    It would be unfortunate to ruin the bait this far along.


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