Greek protesters break into state TV center

Associated Press

ATHENS, Greece (AP) — Protesters forced their way into Greece’s state NET television news studio Tuesday and interrupted a news broadcast featuring the prime minister so they could urge viewers to join mass anti-government demonstrations.

For more than a minute, about 10 youths blocked a broadcast showing a speech by Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis. Instead, they displayed banners reading: “Stop watching, get out onto the streets,” and “Free everyone who has been arrested.” No one was hurt, and no arrests were reported.

Let the recent ongoing events be a reminder of the stark reality to the following:

– Governments that steal billions in public money to bail out the excesses and failures of a few wealthy banking elites.

– Governments that plan to record and snoop on every electronic communication exchanged between citizen’s.

– Governments that send men and women to fight in unnecessary wars on the basis of outright self fabricated lies.

– Governments that disarm law abiding citizens while continuing to militarize their gestapo shock troops.

Given that, may goodness, freedom and liberty prevail, as one observer so callously commented:

Thank god!

Now maybe they can improve the quality of Greek TV


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