Benchmade AXIS Lock Seized by Customs

Continuing from a few posts back, here are yet again letters that Customs sent to a user of BritishBlades over a seized Benchmade AXIS Lock knife:


I received a letter this morning informing me that the “Benchmade 950 Rift” I bought from Ebay on the 12th of October has been seized as a “Flick/Gravity” knife.

We all know that this knife is not a flick knife nor a gravity knife…but.. I would appreciate any advice that would help me get my knife back.

Would it be helpful to mention that they can be bought in the UK?

Even from Heinnies:…p-92-111-2970/

Here is the letter:
Image 1
Image 2

There seems to be two routes I can go.

(1) “Appeal against the legality of the seizure”… which entails sending a “Notice of Claim” in writing. This…in legal terms… would be asking them to start “Condemnation Proceedings” in a court.

If the court finds in favour of Customs then I may be liable to pay in the region of £1500 for their costs.

(2) I apply in writing for a “Restoration”… which is basically asking for Customs to review their decision on the knife without starting court proceedings challenging the legality of the seizure.

I have already telephoned Customs and spoken to someone who looked at the case notes and said..

“Yeah… it’s a gravity knife”.

I explained that the same knife could be legally bought in the UK and he replied…

“Yeah… we are finding that a lot of these knives coming in from the USA…. that can be bought in the UK… can be opened with a flick of the wrist… and are actually gravity knives”.

He suggested using the “Restoration” route… and I asked..

“Would the outcome of that process be based on the opinion of Customs officers like yourself?”

He replied “Yes”

So…. I asked if he personally thought that it was a gravity knife.

He said he didn’t know.

Any suggestions?

A true turmoil for knife collectors and enthusiasts.

UPDATE – Doesn’t look good.


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