UK Customs seizing ordinary lock knife imports


Recently, many UK citizens have found that ordinary lock knives they have imported from abroad have been seized under the guise of ‘gravity knives’ and ‘flick knives’.

The above manual opening lock knife was recently seized when imported from the US by a member of BritishBlades , with HMR & C claiming it to be a ‘flick knife’ (Switchblade).

Another, the Benchmade 950 Rift, which is also being sold freely in the UK was seized as a ‘gravity knife’.

Yet another, also seized as a ‘gravity knife’.


All of the above do not meet the definition of ‘flick knives’ as there is no spring or button attatched to the handle which opens the blade automatically. Also, the fact that it is possible to open almost any folding knife with the application of enough centrifugal makes the majority of these useful tools illegal, according to HMR & C.

It is widely known that the UK government has a habit of blaming many of it’s social problems on inanimate objects, claiming they are to blame. With knife hysteria rife nationwide, we’ll be seeing alot more of this type of ridiculous treatment towards law abiding citizens happening on a regular basis.


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